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PEX Is The Choice For A Remodel

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Plumbing materials have changed in many ways over the years. In centuries past, people were restricted by the need to use materials that did not require a lot of intricate work. Thus, they would use bamboo, hollow logs, rock, and clay. These materials worked fairly well, but they are nothing compared to the materials that are available today. If you have a plumbing project to complete in your home, then you should use the best materials available. When it comes to quality and construction, PEX is the way to go.  PEX vs. Metal Metal pipes will hold up to abuse better than PEX will. After all, PEX is really nothing more than a plastic. That being said, how much abuse do plumbing pipes take? You don’t need the world’s most durable material in order to move water from one...

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Experiencing Higher Heating Bills? Check The Plenum For Leaks And Learn How To Eliminate Them

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If you’re electric or gas bill is more expensive than usual, but you haven’t been running the furnace more than normal, there may be a problem with the supply plenum. This part of your furnace is attached to the ducts via joints that can sometimes leak. Use this guide to determine whether there is an air leak at this joint and then fix the problem. Step 1: Gather Your Tools Go to the home improvement store and pick up the following tools: foil tape smoke pencil stepladder utility knife latex gloves duct mastic Note: Some homes have a lower supply plenum that is easy enough to reach without a stepladder. Step 2: Test the Plenum Joints Turn the furnace on by turning up the thermostat, and then locate the plenum joint; use the stepladder to reach it if necessary....

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Tips For Removing And Preventing Ice Dams On Your Roof

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Ice dams form on your roof when heat from the home rises, causing water runoff from melting snow. This runoff freezes as it touches the cold edge of the roof line, which creates an ice dam. It is called an ice dam because it prevents water from draining properly off the roof. These dams can cause serious damage to your roof and the inside of your house. To prevent damage and extra expense for roof repair, you need to take steps to remove or prevent ice dams. Removing Existing Ice Dams It is best to remove ice dams as soon as you notice them in order to restore water drainage. You should carry out periodic inspections for ice dams by looking for moisture and water stains in your attic and around the tops of interior walls on the top...

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How To Clean Clogged Aerators And Fix Low Water Pressure

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Low water pressure can be frustrating. Identifying what is causing your low water pressure is the fastest way to fix the problem. One of the first things you should check for is leakage. If you do not spot any obvious signs of leakage from pipes or pipelines in the home or around the yard then your low water pressure could be caused by clogged aerators. Clogged aerators are usually caused by debris that has gotten into the aerator. How does debris get into aerators? There are several ways that debris can get into the pipelines and clog aerators. Older homes will usually have old iron pipes in the plumbing system, and these older iron pipes are prone to rusting over time. When the rust gets loose it is likely to clog up aerators resulting in low water pressure. Other...

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Have Ugly Tree Stumps In Your Yard? Here’s How To Get Rid Of Them

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One of the hardest things about removing trees from your property is getting rid of the stumps. You can hire a tree removal expert to do the job for you using heavy equipment, but that can be expensive if you have more than one stump to remove. Before you do that, you can try to get rid of the stump yourself. The method you choose depends on the size of the stump and how soon you want it gone. These are some things you can try. Chemical Stump Killers If you’re not in a hurry, you can use chemicals to break apart the stump. These work to hasten decomposition, but it is still a slow process. It will be several months before the stump is gone. If you want to try this route, you can buy chemical stump removers...

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