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3 Absolutely Disgusting Reasons To Pump Your Septic Tank Regularly

While septic tanks are designed to work efficiently with very little maintenance, they do need to be pumped from time to time. In fact, the Energy and Environmental Affairs Department of Massachusetts, states that regular maintenance is the single most important factor when it comes to keeping your septic tank in working order.

The department recommends that homeowners pump their tanks once every three years. If you have a garbage disposal though, you should pump once a year. Why? Following are three disgusting reasons why you should never fail to pump your tank. 

Gross Pools of Water In Your Yard

By design, septic tanks collect solids and allow water to filter through, cleaning it until it is safe enough to be released back into the environment. If your tank is backed up with too many solids, the water can’t flow through the system properly. Instead, it will begin to pool on your property. This usually occurs in the area around the base of your tank. The gross part? The water hasn’t been treated properly. That puddle is a virtual cesspool of bacteria. 

Sewage Backup into Your Home

When a septic tank is completely clogged, there’s nowhere for waste and water to drain to. In the beginning, your sinks and toilets will seem to be clogged–water will drain very slowly. This is the first sign that your tank needs to be pumped right away. If you fail to do so, waste from your septic system can start to back up through your pipes and fill your home. While this is the worst case scenario, it happens more frequently than you might think. 

Contamination Everywhere

Failing septic systems pose many health risks for people and animals living in the area. Additionally, disgusting sewage water can seep into wells and other groundwater sources. They can even contaminate surface water sources, such as creeks, rivers, and lakes. People and animals who come into contact with or consume contaminated food or water may become extremely ill. What’s more, the likelihood of infection becomes greater over time due to the amount of accumulated waste that has oozed out of a broken system. 

As you can see, there are numerous disgusting reasons why you should never fail to pump your septic system. Follow the maintenance schedule for your particular system, which should include regular inspections along with a diligent pumping schedule with a professional like American Pumping Service. If you see any signs that something is wrong with your tank–pooling water or slow-draining pipes–call a technician or plumber immediately.