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3 Easy Ways To Repair Dents And Scratches On Garage Doors

Accidents happen, right? One of the kids gouged the garage door with their bike handle or you accidentally tapped it with your bumper. How it happened doesn’t matter; how you fix it does. Fortunately, you can fix many minor dings and scratches yourself quite easily. With a few simple methods, you can get rid of that ding and make your garage door look like new once again. While these methods are great for small dings, you should leave the large dents to the professionals. 

Fix It with a Dent Repair Kit

Sold in auto body and home improvement stores, dent repair kits are great for steel garage doors. They come with everything you need to fix your door, minus primer and paint. To fix a dent using this type of kit, follow the door prep instructions included in the kit. Fill in the dent or scratch with the putty that’s included in the kit until you achieve a smooth surface. Allow the product to dry thoroughly. Once it’s dry, you can sand it smooth and paint it. 

Fix It with Auto Body Materials

You can also fix dings and dents on steel doors with auto body filler. The process is similar to that used with the dent repair kit. First, you must sand the area until you reach bare metal. Apply the auto body filler to the affected area in thin layers until the product is even with the surface of the door. Sand the door and finish it with a little primer and paint. 

Replace the Whole Panel

Some doors are constructed with panels. If yours is, you can’t fix it with filler and a little bit of paint. To fix these types of doors, you simply purchase a replacement panel and switch it out with the existing panel. However, you must take care to match the panels up perfectly. Minor variations in color or style could really stand out once you get the panel into place. If you can’t eyeball it, take detailed pictures of the panel to the store with you. 

As you can see, there are many things you can do to repair minor damage to your garage door. However, some garage door repairs can be very dangerous, especially if you’re dealing with the springs or mechanisms that make the door work. These are under extreme tension and should not be manipulated or removed by anyone other than a professional garage door repair technician, such as from AAA Garage Door and Opener, Inc.