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4 Things To Consider About Replacement Windows

If you are changing the windows in your home, there are things you should know about replacement windows. In order to help you make the best choice when buying these windows, you should consider several factors. Knowing certain things about replacing the windows in your home will allow you to make the right selection.


It’s important to consider the appearance the new window will have once it has been installed. Do you want a traditional or modern look for your exterior? What about trimming—does it come with your window or do you have to supply it on your own? Be sure to consider how a window will look in your home before making a purchase.

Energy Efficient

The right replacement window can save you money on electricity costs. Be sure to read the label on the window to see what the energy efficient rating is. You can rely on the expertise of the salesperson to explain the numbers to you in order to make the best choice.

Frame Materials

Choosing the right type of frame can alter the appearance of the window, so making the right choice is important. If you are using a wood frame, consider having it stained to avoid rot and other issues that may result because of the weather elements.

Listed below are other framing options:

1. Vinyl – This is one of the lesser expensive frames and is also highly energy efficient.

2. Aluminum – This material will allow for a thinner frame, but one that is solid and long-lasting.

3. Composite – A frame of this type is thin, highly energy efficient and long-lasting. However, this is one of the most expensive framing options.

4. Fiberglass – This option is thin and offers a high level of energy efficiency. The costs for this frame type can be expensive.


 Most people want to have windows that are easy to open and close. There are different types you can choose from that may be easier to use than others. Be sure to look at the entire window to know if this type will suit your needs.

Finally, it’s important to have the right windows in your house that will protect your home from the elements. Considering all of the factors listed above when purchasing your windows can aid in making your final decision. Be sure to discuss the details of your window replacement project with the contractor, such as Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, you hire to do the job for the best results.

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