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Paving Concepts That Offer Your Home A Beautiful And Useful Change

Whether you want to increase the beauty of your residence or improve the performance and longevity of your home’s walkways and driveways, there are paving improvements that can make a dramatic difference. New paving trends not only deliver high style and unique aesthetic appeal, they can also make your life easier. So if you’re interested in making a smart and beautiful investment that makes life easier for you at home, look at what’s new in paving.

Heated Paving

Heated driveways and walkways are an improvement that you should invest in if you live in an area that gets heavy snow or ice during winter months. Heated paving can either be accomplished through electric coils or hydronic elements that are installed under your pavement.

Hydronic systems can’t be installed under existing driveways or walkways, so you can expect to include removal in the fee for installation, but they offer a more efficient and cost-effective way of heating access paths during winter months. Though this trend can run several thousand dollars more than a regular pavement installation, the cost you’ll save on snow and ice removal over time will pay for the upgrade.

Heated pavement is a feature that you will appreciate infinitely in winter months, as you’ll never have to worry about slipping hazards or snow removal. And if you’re interested in selling your home in the future, heated paving is a feature that’s extremely attractive to potential buyers.

Interspersed Configuration

Whether you use concrete slabs, interlocking pavers, or brick, you should consider trying them in an interspersed configuration instead of traditional paving. You simply float these materials in aggregates, sand, or grass, for a beautiful tiled effect.

Interspersed configurations for driveways, walkways, or outdoor areas will cut back on the cost of materials for installation and give utility areas contrast that is more natural than traditional pavers. Though you can’t use an interspersed configuration with heated options, it’s a perfect paving option for residential climates that don’t see snow.

Interspersed configurations work well in walkway areas or low-traffic access paths, but can also be useful in driveways if properly installed by a paving contractor. If you want to install a new driveway or walkway from scratch, interspersed configurations offer superior aesthetic appeal over concrete or asphalt and provide a more natural look than pavers. You will have to maintain interspersed paving configurations according to the material used to float, like cutting grass and adding aggregates as they break down over time.

Though you can stick with traditional paving options for any upgrade or new installation, considering new paving concepts can bring your home a change that is unique and modern. And whether you live in Chicago or Key West, there are new paving concepts that can work better for your home.

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