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Understand The Risks And Prepare For Termite Tenting

If you have termites infesting your home, you have a few options to eliminate them. Once the infestation has become severe, you have little choice but to have the house tented and fumigated. This process costs between $1,150 and $3,800 depending on the size of your home, the type of fumigation, and the going rates of the company you choose to hire. The cost of the fumigation is far less than what you will lose if you do not exterminate the insects literally eating you out of your home. Here is what to you must do to prepare for termite extermination and get an explanation of the risks associated with the process.

Understanding the Risks

The personal risks of having your home tented and fumigated are very slight if you follow the instructions given to you by the extermination company. The truth is the chemicals used to kill the termites are quite toxic, but if you do not try to enter your home within 3 days of the fumigation and you have taken the necessary steps of preparation, the toxins pose no risks to your family’s health.

Preparing for Tenting

The moment you sign the agreement to have your home fumigated, the exterminator will provide you with a checklist of things that you must do to prepare for the fumigation. This list will include tasks such as

  • Put all food in air-tight containers or remove it all from the house. For optimum food safety, double bag each item in air-tight bags and store them in plastic storage bins. Do not forget to clear all food out of the refrigerator and freezer and to remove the pet food as well.
  • Remove all plants from the house. Store them at a neighbor’s house, in your shed, or if the weather permits, outside of the home.
  • Remove medication, vitamins, supplements, and cosmetics from the home.
  • Take the bedding off the beds and remove the mattress covers.
  • Box up and remove your computers and possibly the electronics that you are wary of leaving behind. In most cases, this is an unnecessary step, but you can never be too cautious when it comes to the valuable items in your home. (The exterminator will explain the potential risks of leaving these items behind if there are any.)
  • Alert the utility companies of the scheduled tenting. The electricity and gas must be turned off to the home, so contacting these companies will help you determine if one of their service technicians needs to be present when it is turned off and turned back on.

Be sure to follow the guidelines provided to you by the exterminator exactly. Taking shortcuts could decrease the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the dangers of the treatment.

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