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Have Ugly Tree Stumps In Your Yard? Here’s How To Get Rid Of Them

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of the hardest things about removing trees from your property is getting rid of the stumps. You can hire a tree removal expert to do the job for you using heavy equipment, but that can be expensive if you have more than one stump to remove. Before you do that, you can try to get rid of the stump yourself. The method you choose depends on the size of the stump and how soon you want it gone. These are some things you can try. Chemical Stump Killers If you’re not in a hurry, you can use chemicals to break apart the stump. These work to hasten decomposition, but it is still a slow process. It will be several months before the stump is gone. If you want to try this route, you can buy chemical stump removers...

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