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How To Clean Clogged Aerators And Fix Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be frustrating. Identifying what is causing your low water pressure is the fastest way to fix the problem. One of the first things you should check for is leakage. If you do not spot any obvious signs of leakage from pipes or pipelines in the home or around the yard then your low water pressure could be caused by clogged aerators. Clogged aerators are usually caused by debris that has gotten into the aerator.

How does debris get into aerators?

There are several ways that debris can get into the pipelines and clog aerators. Older homes will usually have old iron pipes in the plumbing system, and these older iron pipes are prone to rusting over time. When the rust gets loose it is likely to clog up aerators resulting in low water pressure. Other types of debris such as algae can also get into the water and clog aerators. Algae is often seasonal and looks like fine sawdust. Debris may also be introduced into your pipelines when the water company makes repairs to its system.

How can I remove debris from my aerator?

Removing debris from aerators is relatively easy and usually only requires that you locate and remove the aerator and give it a good clean. The aerator is cylindrical in shape and is located at the mouth of the pipe. It is can usually be screwed off with minimum effort. However, if you find that it is too tight to remove it by hand, then get a pair of pliers and cover inside the mouth of the pliers with tape so that you do not scratch the aerator’s surface when you use the pliers to grip it. Clench the mouth of the pliers over the aerator and gently but firmly unscrew it. Once you have removed it, check to see if there is debris inside it, if debris is present, give the aerator a good clean by running water through it.  If it is rusty or corroded then soak the aerator in vinegar overnight and use an old tooth brush to scour it clean in the morning. Double check if the aerator was the problem by turning on the tap without the aerator on and see if the water pressure increases.

Where can I buy a new aerator?

Occasionally your aerator may be too damaged by corrosion to simply clean and replace it.  In this is the case you will need to get a new one. Take the old aerator to the hardware store. They will use a slick gauge to make sure that you get the right fit for your faucet. All you will need to do is take the new aerator home and attach it to the faucet.

Clogged aerator problems are easy to locate and fix and should be one of the first things you check for when you are experiencing low water pressure. For more information, contact a plumber like Walt’s Plumbing.

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