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PEX Is The Choice For A Remodel

Plumbing materials have changed in many ways over the years. In centuries past, people were restricted by the need to use materials that did not require a lot of intricate work. Thus, they would use bamboo, hollow logs, rock, and clay. These materials worked fairly well, but they are nothing compared to the materials that are available today. If you have a plumbing project to complete in your home, then you should use the best materials available. When it comes to quality and construction, PEX is the way to go. 

PEX vs. Metal

Metal pipes will hold up to abuse better than PEX will. After all, PEX is really nothing more than a plastic. That being said, how much abuse do plumbing pipes take? You don’t need the world’s most durable material in order to move water from one point to another in your home. Besides, water can react with metal and create bad-tasting, stain-creating hard water. PEX will not break down in water, so you don’t have to worry about your pipes creating problems with the quality of your water. 


PVC is a good material in that it is easy to work with, but it does have some drawbacks. For one, PVC will break down when exposed to hot water. For another PEX is not very bendable; PEX, on the other hand, can bend, so you end up using less fittings. Another problem with PVC is that it is not good for use with fresh hot water because the chemicals in the PVC can leach into your water and create problems. PEX will not break down when exposed to hot water, so it can easily be used with fresh water. PEX also has the ability to expand, so even if water in the pipe freezes, it should not break. 

Installing PEX

When you use PEX pipe, you will use insert fittings and clamps to make connections between different sections of pipe. While working with these clamps will not be quite as easy as gluing sections of PVC together with a good contact cement, it is a lot easier than trying to solder or thread pieces of metal pipe together. 

PEX is a highly versatile plumbing material that can be used with hot or cold water, can be bent to go around corners, and can cut down on costs associated with the wasted material you get with other plumbing materials. If you are having a hard time deciding what material to use with your plumbing project, look no further than PEX.

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