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How To Ban Stink Bugs For Good

If you have ever walked into your kitchen and smelled a terrible odor followed by signs of a brownish-black bug, you probably have stink bugs. They can be a real pain, not to mention the smell that lingers even after you have killed them. Here are some tips for getting rid of stink bugs for good.

Eliminate Food Sources

Stink bugs are drawn to different food sources, so by keeping your kitchen and home clean, you can prevent them from entering your home. Make sure you don’t leave any unopened food items out on the counter. All opened food boxes or bags should be sealed properly, or transferred to airtight containers. If you open a bag of sugar for your coffee, transfer it to a container instead of leaving the bag open. Make sure you do your dishes as soon as possible, wipe up spills with a strong cleaning product, and keep all crumbs wiped up. Sweep your floors regularly to catch any crumbs that might have fallen.

Seal Off Your Home

You won’t have to deal with stink bugs in your home if they have no way to get it, so make sure you do a thorough inspection to look for potential entry points. Stink bugs might look large, but they can fit through very small openings. Look for any holes or cracks around your home’s structure and seal them off. Look behind your chimney, underneath wood fascia at the roof, and at your siding. These are common places where there could be spaces large enough for stink bugs to get through. Use silicone caulk to seal entry points. Also check your window screens, as they might have holes big enough for the bugs to get through.

Keep the Lights Turned Off

When the sun goes down, try to turn off your outside lights whenever you aren’t spending time on the patio. Stink bugs are attracted to lights, so by turning off patio twinkle lights, lanterns, and porch lights, you can reduce the amount of them that want to come exploring around your home. When you are done spending time outdoors, close all your blinds and curtains to keep the light spilling outside to a minimum.

Ventilate Moisture-Rich Areas

Another thing that stink bugs enjoy is a location in your home that has a lot of moisture. They will start calling these places their new home if it provides a good environment for them. To prevent this, make sure you have good ventilation in areas of your home with a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms, crawl spaces, your garage, basement, and attic. In addition to ventilation, a dehumidifier can also be effective. Click here for more information about pest control.