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When Is It Time To Call An Electrician?

There are some simple electrical tasks that can be performed by the average homeowner, such as replacing outlets and light switches. However, there are some electrical projects that are best left to professionals. These include

  • Working inside the circuit breaker box

The circuit breaker panel beneath the cover of the breaker box contains a myriad selection of bare wires, powered breaker slots, and grounding bars. The only safe way to work inside a breaker box without the possibility of instant electric shock or death is to turn off the main breakers and work in the dark by flashlight.

Attempting to thread bare wires into circuit breakers and grounding bars in a cramped and crowded circuit box by the light of a flashlight may lead to incorrect wiring. That could create a breaker box that has a live power wire connected to a grounding bar. Death, electric shock, or fire could result when the main breakers are activated and power is restored.

  • Running electric wire through finished walls and ceilings

Adding an additional line from the breaker box requires running long lengths of wire through walls and ceilings that are filled with obstructions such as ceiling joists and wall studs. Older homes in particular may have unusual configurations and compositions in walls and ceilings. You may find some walls or ceilings to be virtually impenetrable without causing serious damage.

Some older homes may also not be as square as they appear, and as you drill through a ceiling to run a length of wire, you may find your wire protruding from the floor in a different section of the upper floor that you had anticipated.

  • Wiring heavy duty appliances

Appliances that consume a large amount of electricity, such as electric stoves and dryers, require the use of heavy gauge wire, which is very thick and difficult to bend and connect to the proper terminals. If it is not connected securely, electric shock, fire, or damage to the appliance may result.

These appliances also require the installation of a double circuit breaker and connection of the heavy gauge wire inside the breaker box, which amplifies the dangers of working inside the breaker box that were previously mentioned.

  • Working within building codes

Any electrical work that is not done according to state and local building codes will not pass inspection. If you decide to sell your home, you will need to have all code violations repaired or replaced.

A professional electrician, like those at Narducci Electric, will be familiar with all the building codes and perform the work safely and compliant with all regulations.