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How To Paint Your Bathroom Walls

The bathroom is often the first room in a home that needs to be remodeled. It has endured more foot traffic than other rooms. Luckily, since bathrooms are typically smaller, changing elements like flooring, molding, or paint is more affordable. This article will explain how you can remodel your bathroom on the cheap by repainting the walls and ceiling.

Choosing the Right Paint

When painting your bathroom you need to use semi or high gloss paint. Usually, paint with a higher gloss will last longer, especially in the moist environment of a bathroom. However, many people do not like shiny paint on their walls. Semi-gloss paint is a good compromise for people who like walls with a lower sheen.

Priming the Walls

When painting in a bathroom, you need to prime the walls first. Primer will protect the drywall and add an extra layer of protection from the moisture. When priming, you do not need to worry about getting a solid even finish. The color of the primer will not affect the color of the paint if it is not evenly applied.

Painting the Walls

Depending on the brand and thickness of paint, you might need to apply two coats of paint. Two coats of paint (in addition to the coat of primer) will give your walls even more protection.

The hardest part of painting is cutting out (or painting around the edges). You can use painter’s tape to mask off the parts that you do not want to paint. When painting the corners where the wall meets the ceiling you might as well just cut in by hand. The texture of the drywall will make it hard to create a strong seal with the tape. Paint will probably seep underneath the tape, so you might as well paint it by hand. Just follow the line of the wall corner and work slowly so paint does not get onto the ceiling. However, you will probably want to tape off the molding, shower basin, and other elements that have a harder, smoother finish because the tape will create a strong seal.

New paint in your bathroom can protect your drywall and make it last even longer. It is a great home remodel that will also change the style and feel of the entire room. Best of all, you can do the work on your own and make the project very affordable. If you do decide to go with a professional, talk with a place like Two by Four Construction LLC for more tips.