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Pebbles, Stones And Bricks! In Kitchen Design, The Possibilities Are Endless!

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you might think that you must stick with what’s common in your neighborhood. Since you are the one who is going to be in your kitchen daily, it’s perfectly fine to go against the norm, and create a space that’s unique to your style and makes you feel happy and comfortable. Using pebbles, stones or bricks in your kitchen is one way to accomplish a unique style. However, using these items doesn’t mean that you have to stick with one particular style. This guide explains three design types that you can you choose from.

Going Rustic

To incorporate rustic charm to your kitchen, choose a pebble, stone or brick in natural tones. Natural pebbles compliment each other well, whether they match or are simply in the same color family.

Unrefined bricks or distressed stones, similar to ones you might find on a nature walk, complement rustic themes. These colors will also complement your kitchen fixtures, especially if they are antique bronze or brass.

Use these materials on your backsplash or have a custom countertop created to make your fixtures pop.

Keeping it Classic

Exposed brick is a fun feature that is a classic in décor and complements nearly any style or taste. Even if you do not live in an older building or home, you can achieve this look by installing them as your backsplash, or you can even create an entire wall of manufactured brick stone.

This stone comes in a variety of colors and is simple to install with mortar, making it an excellent choice all around.

Moving Toward Chic and Elegant

If you’re looking for an elegant and timeless look, consider marble in various stone colors. Marble is a chic choice for a kitchen backsplash or feature area over the stove. The natural vein in marble brings the outdoors inside with an elegant twist.

Take things a step further and ask your contractor to install a marble countertop that’s a shade lighter or darker than the backsplash or above-the-stove feature. In doing so, you’ll add contrast to your kitchen and a splash of creative flair.

Choosing the materials for your kitchen is an important part of the process of obtaining the look you want. Take your time in choosing the right stone materials to go along with your brand new kitchen, so that you can be proud of your choices when your kitchen is complete. Ask your contractor, someone like Lehman Construction Services Inc​, for more ideas on how to make your remodeling project one the best in the neighborhood.