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What You Should Know About Snow Removal From Walkways

Are the walkways in your landscape covered in a lot of snow? Before handling the snow on your own, you may want to hire a contractor to get rid of the snow for you. Find out in this article about removing snow from walkways and what a professional will charge to perform the task.

Why Should Snow Removal Be Left to a Professional?

Removing snow on your own may involve the use of salt to make the walkways safer for walking on during the process. It is not a good idea to use salt on the walkways because it can lead to the surface of them becoming damaged. Basically, many of the deicing products are known to contain a chemical called calcium chloride. The chemical can lead to the aggregates that generally contribute to the surface of a walkway deteriorating. Even if you attempt to remove the salt after the snow is removed, the salt can seep deep within the cracks.

Hiring a professional will keep you safe from accidentally slipping and falling. The pavements will also be protected to keep them durable so you won’t have to invest in untimely repairs. A contractor will be able to get rid of the snow in a timely manner by using professional equipment like a blower or mower. He or she can also use a commercial grade of salt on the walkways that doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals in the salt brands that are sold to the general public. Sand can also be used in the place of salt if you request it.

You should also hire a professional for snow removal if more snow is expected after it is removed. If you are in a snowy season, it is in your best interest to sign a contract that allows the contractor to remove snow on a regular basis. He or she will automatically visit your home on snowy days to clear the walkways, as per the schedule that you opt for.

What Does Professional Snow Removal Cost?

Professional snow removal is estimated to cost a minimum of $25 per hour. The overall price will depend on how much snow is being removed and the complexity of the task. For instance, a professional may charge up to $75 per hour on the highest end of the scale if he or she is removing snow from multiple walkways. If you opt for a regular contract, expect to pay between $30 and $65 or more each time that it snows. Don’t delay hiring a contractor to remove snow from your walkways!

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