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Four Tips To Help You Give Your Chain Link Fence An Attractive Custom Appearance

If you want to have an affordable fence installed around your home, a chain link fence may be a good investment. It can also be a plain looking fence, but there are some things that you can do to give it a custom look and features. This can include things like casing around the posts and features like lighting. Here are some tips to help you give your new chain link fence more of an attractive custom look:

1. Adding Lattice To Create A Privacy Screen

If you want to have more privacy for your home, adding a screen can help. This can be done by attaching lattice materials to your fence. To reduce visibility, you can use a windscreen fabric behind the lattice to make it solid. If you add a windscreen, you may want to add lattice to both sides for a more attractive appearance.

2. Casing Posts With Wood For An Attractive Look

Most chain link fences have plain metal posts, which can be an unattractive addition to your fence line. For a more attractive look, you can case them in by wrapping them with a wood material to make a box for the post. Use fence caps to top them off and give them a unique look.

3. Framing Wood Sections With Wood Lumber Materials

Many chain link fences may have a tensioned wire at the top and tension bars to hold them in place. They may also have a metal bar at the top. You can change the unsightly metal appearance by framing in the sections with a wood trim materials. This can give your fence a unique look and add strength if you only have tension cables.

4. Adding Lighting, Post Caps And Electrical Installations To Fencing

Lighting and electrical installations can also be a good integration for your fence. If you plan on using post caps, this can be a great place to add lighting to your fence. Electrical wiring and outlets can be installed in casing and where you have framed in your fence sections. It is also a good idea to use conduit to make it easier to install wiring and electrical installations.

These are some tips to help give your chain link fence an attractive custom look. If you need to have a fence installed around your home, contact a fencing contractor, like Everlasting Fence, and talk with them about helping you with some of these features.