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How To Caulk Shower Doors

Shower door kits are great because they have almost everything you need for complete installation. They have easy-to-follow instructions, making it possible for nearly anybody to install them. Prefabricated kits are affordable, especially if you install them on your own. However, most kits come with instructions that say very little about how to caulk the edges and seams. The edges and seams of the metal track and where the glass meets the wall, must be sealed with waterproof caulk to prevent leakage. This is one of the most important steps of the entire process. So, if you just finished installing your prefabricated shower door kit, but don’t know how to caulk the edges, this article is for you.

Caulking Like A Pro

First, you need to make sure you have the right type of caulk. Most people will want clear caulk on glass doors. This definitely looks the best in a shower environment. You caulk must be waterproof and able to stick to porcelain, or tile, as well as the glass. These materials are generally very slick, so adhesives don’t always adhere well to them. This is why you want to use a caulk that is specifically designed for use with porcelain, tile or other high-gloss surfaces.

Before you start the work, you want to clean the seams that you are going to caulk. Make sure there is no gunk or soap scum present.

Applying the Caulk

The key to applying the caulk is to use caulking gun. Cut the tip off the gun at a slight angle, and make sure it is smooth. As you squeeze along the seams, don’t worry if the caulk line is not even or perfect. You will smooth it out during the next step.

Using your finger, and wearing a latex glove, you want to wipe away the excess caulk. Wipe only small sections, cleaning off your finger on a paper towel between each wipe. If you properly wipe, you will be smoothing out the caulk line, and pushing the caulk into the seam to create a stronger seal. Your fingertip is the best tool for creating smooth caulk lines, but only if you keep it perfectly clean. There are many tools and devices that claim to give easy, no-mess caulk lines. However, you will get the best results if you just use your finger.

Your shower doors will be much stronger if you apply a thick coat of caulk to the seams.

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