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Removing Spray Foam Insulation From Interior Materials

Spray foam insulation is an excellent option for insulating existing homes. Since the foam is sprayed into the walls, ceilings and floors in liquid form, it can be done with minimal damage to the home. Unfortunately, sometimes the insulation can get away from the installers and land on furnishings, trim work, windows and other materials in the home. Below, you will find out how to remove the spray foam insulation if it was to harden on your interior surfaces.

Removal from Wood

Removing the insulation from wood surfaces requires a delicate touch to avoid damaging the wood.

  • Use a plastic putty knife to remove as much of the foam as possible.
  • Apply some mineral spirits to a clean cloth to saturate the cloth—you want it wet, but not dripping.
  • Lay the cloth over the area with the foam on it and let it rest for 10–15 minutes. The mineral spirits will work to soften the foam.
  • Once the foam has become soft, use the plastic putty knife to gently remove the foam.
  • Repeat this process until all of the foam is gone.
  • Once gone, clean the wood surface with your favorite wood cleaning product.

Removal from Vinyl

Vinyl windows and doors are a bit easier to clean than wood since you don’t have to worry as much about gouging the surface.

  • Use the plastic putty knife to scrape as much foam away as possible.
  • Apply a bit of acetone to a clean cloth and begin wiping the area.
  • Continue reapplying the acetone to the cloth and wiping away the foam until it is gone.

Removal from Glass

This is an easy process. Use a flat razor to scrape the foam off of the glass. Just be sure to keep the blade flat to prevent scratches on the glass. After the foam is removed, use your favorite glass cleaning product to clean the glass and remove any streaks and residue that remain.

Removal from Fabric

If the foam has hardened on fabric, mineral spirits can help to remove it. Before you apply the mineral spirits to the fabric, test it on a small area that isn’t easily visible to ensure that the mineral spirits don’t damage the fabric.

If mineral spirits isn’t safe for your fabric, contact a professional upholstery cleaner to do the cleaning for you to prevent causing more damage.

These cleaning tips will help to remove the foam insulation that got away from the installers during installation. If you have questions, visit Fortune Insulation Contractors Inc.