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Three Home Plumbing Issues That Require Quick Action

It’s safe to adopt a “wait and see” approach to a number of different issues around your home, but there are many others that if you fail to act quickly can lead to major damage and a sizable repair bill. Where plumbing is concerned, a number of common issues fall into the latter category, which means that knowing the phone number of an experienced plumber is important. Even if you don’t have much know-how when it comes to fixing plumbing repair issues in your home, it’s important to be aware of those that should prompt you to arrange a visit from your plumber as soon as possible. Here are three such issues and how to recognize them.

Water Pipe Leak

The network of water pipes that runs throughout your home can leak for reasons such as rust or faulty installation. Although this problem can take place slowly, it’s also possible for it to develop quickly. In either case, a common sign of the issue is the emergence of a stain on your ceiling. The stain will often have a slightly brown tinge, which can help you spot it quickly. Call your plumber as soon as you notice this visual cue; the longer you wait to get it fixed, the more water damage your home will suffer.

Blocked Drain Pipe

The plumbing fixtures in your home such as your sinks, tubs and toilets all converge to a drain pipe where the waste water travels to the sewer. If the drain pipe is blocked, you’ll notice that multiple fixtures are draining slowly or backing up concurrently. Another sign of a blocked drain pipe is the fixture in your home that’s located closest to the pipe can show signs of trouble. For example, a ground-floor toilet might bubble when your dishwasher drains. In addition to the risk of a flood, you’re also facing potential harm because foul odors or even contaminated waste water can enter your home.

Running Toilet

On the surface, it’s easy to view a running toilet as nothing more than an annoyance. Ignoring the issue, however, will not fix the problem and you’ll soon be facing a higher water bill. More concerning is the fact that because one or more components inside the toilet’s flush box are no longer working correctly, you’re at risk of a flood. If the toilet continues to run and doesn’t shut off, it will overflow and cause damage to your home. Keep an eye on a running toilet, avoid using it and call a plumber as soon as possible.