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Create Your Own Custom Mural On Your Privacy Fence

Privacy fencing can put your scenery to a stop. Instead of having a plain old fence around your yard, you can custom paint a mural on it. Your yard can be enclosed with a scene from a beach, forest or your favorite setting, characters or objects.

If you don’t have artistic skills, you probably think that there is no way for you to paint something beautiful on your fence. Well, with a little work, a homemade projector and some transparency paper, you can do just about anything on your fence.

Make the Projector

Making a projector requires nothing more than a cardboard box, duct tape, a lamp without a shade and some aluminum foil.

The box that you choose should be slightly smaller than the sheets of transparency paper that you have to work with. If it is larger than that, you can cover the extra space around the end of it with aluminum foil.

On the backside of the box, cut a hole large enough to fit the lightbulb of the lamp through it. If the hole is too large, you can cover the opening with aluminum foil.

When you are done, the lamp will be going in one end and the transparency paper on the other. When the light is turned on, the image on the transparency paper will shine on the surface in which it is directed.

Create an Image

The image that you choose can be of anything you love. Just remember that the more complicated the design, the more work you will have to do and the greater the risk of it not looking as nice as you would like when you are done.

Find an image in a book, on your computer or in a magazine – pretty much any image that you can trace and believe you have the ability to color in once you have it traced.

Lay the transparency paper over the image and trace it carefully.

Start Working

Now, when planning the project, watch the weather before you get started. You need at least a couple of days to get the work done before it rains.

Late in the evening, just as the sun begins to go down, go outside and position the projector. Move it forward and backward until you get the image to the size you want. At that point, mark the ground so you know exactly where the projector is positioned so you know where it is in case you have to stop for some reason.

Now, use some chalk to trace the image on the fence. Follow up the next morning with the paint starting with the outlines and working to fill the image in after the outlines have dried.

After the paint has dried, apply a coat of sealant to protect it from the weather and sun. For more information or if you would like professional assistance, contact Thompson Painting or a similar company.