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4 Modern Features To Give Your Deck A Contemporary Look And Feel

If your deck is outdated, it may be time to renovate it with new materials like decking and railings. The investment in your restoration may be a good opportunity to change the design and give your home contemporary features with things like glass or metal railings or a dry decking system. Here are some modern features that you may want to consider for your deck to give it a contemporary look:

1. Install New Decking With Hidden Fasteners Or A Dry Deck System

To give your deck renovations a modern look, you may want to consider replacing the decking with materials like tropical hardwoods. These materials can be installed with hidden fastener systems to give your deck a clean look with no exposed screws or nails. Another option that you may want to consider is a dry decking system that will allow you to create dry finished space beneath your deck. This is a type of floor for your deck that acts as a roof and allows water to drain off the deck without getting the space beneath it wet. This can be good if you want to add something like an all-seasons enclosure beneath your deck or other space that is covered and dry. You can even add finished space to your home beneath the deck with a dry decking system, which can be a good option for a home remodeling project.

2. Add Metal Or Glass Railings To Give Your Deck A Contemporary Look

The old wood railings can go if you want to give your deck a more modern look. Instead of using conventional wood materials for the railings, you may want to consider modern materials like metal and glass. You can even combine the look of metal with glass or use cables to give your deck a unique custom look with clean lines. There are building regulations for deck railings, so you will want to consult your local building authority about what can be done. With glass, you may be required to use a tempered glass, or with cable railings, you may be required to have a certain amount of spacing between cables. There may also be regulations on heights and the types of railings that can be installed on your deck.

3. Continue Your Deck With Addition Platforms In The Garden

If you have a small deck, to give your deck design a modern look, you may want to consider expanding it. This can be done by adding features like platforms in your garden that are an extension of the deck area attached to your home. You can even create separate spaced with the deck areas, such as a seating area, spa and cookout area for entertaining. You can also add screen and patio doors to these areas to make the spaces more private. The paths and platforms in your garden can act as an expansion of your home and even be a good place to add a garden house or other outdoor structure to your home.

4. Add A Garden To Your Deck With Planters And Vertical Features

If you want your deck to have a modern look, you may also want to include features that help blend it into the natural surroundings. This can be done by incorporating garden areas into your deck with large planter features. To maximize the use of space, you may also want to consider a design with a vertical garden that gives you more plant life and nature to blend your deck in with the surroundings. These designs are called green fences and they can be the fence in the garden or they can be part for privacy screens in the design of your deck.

These are some features that you may want to consider to give your deck a modern look. If you are ready to start with renovations and repair to your deck, contact a patio door service and talk with them about adding new doors to give your deck renovations a modern look. Contact a business, such as Fas Windows and Doors, for more information about windows and doors.