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Water In Your Unfinished Basement? Repair The Damaged Seals Around Your Window Well

If you find water on the flooring of your unfinished basement, you may wonder where it comes from and how can you stop it. A wet basement can cause numerous problems for your home, including mold growth and foundation damage. One of the places you might look first for leaks is your window well. Although window wells should have some type of drainage system in place to redirect rainwater, they can sometimes develop leaks in the seal that allow water to seep into the basement and along the walls. If you don’t seal the window, the moisture may eventually deteriorate its wooden frame. Here’s what you need to get for the repairs and how to use them.

Find and Purchase Your Supplies

You can find the supplies you need at your nearest home and gardening store or large retailer. First, purchase a large tube of modified silicone caulk, caulk gun and metal spatula with a triangular-shaped head. Modified silicone caulk is an ideal choice for your repairs because it seals out moisture, works well in cement and goes on without too many issues.

For your caulk gun, you may want to purchase a drip-free smooth rod product. This type of tool helps prevent unnecessary messes that can slow down your repairs. The spatula’s triangular head may make it easier to smooth the caulk around the edges of the window. 

Also, obtain a bucket of clear water and three cleaning rags. Now, you’re ready to begin.

Secure and Repair the Leaks

You want to create a safe working area around the window to avoid falling or slipping during the repairs. Move any obstacles out the way and dry the flooring thoroughly. If you can’t reach the window safe by standing, use a wide-based ladder instead. Always have someone hold the ladder for you as you ascend it. 

Now, follow the steps below:

  1. Use your water and two rags to remove any dirt and debris from around the window frame, including the seams. Dry the window thoroughly with the last rag.
  2. Insert your caulk into the gun, then prep it according to the gun’s instructions.
  3. Use your spatula to remove any broken or chipped pieces of old caulk from the window’s seam. 
  4. Apply one thin line of material along all four sides of the window. Use the spatula to smooth out the material.
  5. Move to the outside of the home. Perform step one to clean the exterior side of the window.
  6. Repeat step three, then apply and smooth caulk around the entire window.

Check the flooring after it rains again to see if it’s wet or dry. If the floor’s dry, you successfully solved the issue.

If the flooring is wet, contact a basement waterproofing contractor for assistance. There may be other leaks in the basement that require repairs.