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Exploring The Benefits Of A Walk-In Shower

Modern technology has remedied one of the huge issues faced by the elderly and disabled population. Annually, 235,000 individuals visit the emergency room for bathroom injuries, and approximately one-third of those cases involved incidents from the bathtub or shower. You can choose a model free of thresholds or doors if you choose. Another alternative is creating a ledge where the water cannot run over the bathroom floors. The choice depends on your individual needs.

Offers Health Benefits

One of the most beneficial effects is the peace of mind you receive from knowing you and your family can safely take a shower without injury.

Showering on a regular basis can help patients who suffer from health issues including heart conditions and arthritis. The hot/steamy water can soothe the body for those who cannot motivate easily. The ancient Egyptians created the medical concept of hydrotherapy dating as far back as the 5th century B.C.

Personal hygiene can be a challenging for many individuals who are at risk for falls in the tub/shower. Have you ever tried to wash your back? Imagine that scenario for an elderly patient or someone with physical disabilities. The walk-in shower can also benefit individuals who have irritated skin or a wound that needs to be gently cleaned.

Comes with Safety Features

The shower/tub is a very slippery surface even when it is void of the soap and shampoo products used for bathing. Grab bars are installed to prevent falls and make maneuvering in the stall much easier. You can also place a chair in the space for individuals who cannot stand or have limited mobility issues.

Installation is Simple

The process is much easier than many believe. Your current tub/shower can be replaced, and the new unit installed using the same space. The design can be made ranging from a large or small scale, depending on your current d├ęcor. Many of the doors and walls are glass, but you can be creative with the products used.

Maintenance is Easy

A walk-in shower is easier to clean because it doesn’t have all the additional corners and crevices where soap scum and other debris can collect.

Getting in and out of a regular shower can be difficult for all, and scarier for physically challenged, children, or aging people. With the low step provided by the walk-in unit, many of these issues simply don’t exist. You could receive the luxury in your home that might not have been available unless you went to a spa for special care. The addition to your home can benefit everyone and lend a rich atmosphere to your bathroom. Click here to learn more about bathroom accessories.