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Complement Your New HVAC System With These Energy-Saving Home Updates

Your new HVAC system is sure to help keep your family comfortable while spending time indoors throughout the year. But running your air conditioner and heater on a regular basis for temperature control tends to result extra energy expenses on a monthly basis. The good news is that you can introduce a couple of energy-saving home updates that will complement your new HVAC system and help offset your heating and cooling costs. The following home updates will also minimize HVAC wear and tear year-round:

Introduce Some Ceiling Fans

If you don’t already have ceiling fans installed throughout your home, consider introducing a few. Making use of ceiling fans will decrease your HVAC system’s workload and minimize wear and tear, which should help keep the system in excellent shape as time goes on and minimize the need for expensive repairs. While most HVAC systems use about 3,500 watts of power on an hourly basis to function, ceiling fans typically require only 60 watts of power each hour.

Running your ceiling fans at night instead of your heater or air conditioner and using the fans to complement the performance of your HVAC system during the day can save you an impressive amount of money on energy costs throughout the year. Program your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise during the summer to create constant air movement and a light breeze throughout your home. In the winter, program your ceiling fans to run clockwise to keep the warm air circulating.

Have New Windows Installed

Having some new energy efficient windows installed in your home is an excellent way to save some money on your heating and cooling expenses throughout the year. Your new energy efficient windows should also reduce unwanted drafts inside your home, which will make it easier to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures throughout each day. Most energy efficient windows also resist condensation buildup on interior glass surfaces, which will help to keep mildew and mold from developing. What’s more is that energy efficient windows are designed to resist the transmission of ultraviolet rays, which will help to protect your flooring, furniture, and walls from fading and cracking due to sun damage.

After making these energy-saving updates to your home, it should be easy and convenient to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year without putting too much wear and tear on your new HVAC system or spending a fortune on energy expenses each month. Talk to a company like TODDCO, Inc. to learn more.